Announcing the release of the Every Black Voice Report

This comprehensive document reflects valuable insights, feedback, and contributions from our dedicated community members. Their participation has been instrumental in shaping this report, and we are grateful for their continued support and engagement.

We have an important job to do

The Every Black Voice Campaign, founded by the Racial Justice Coalition (RJC), is a community-partnered effort to create, and advance equitable solutions regarding structural racism and inequities. The RJC is a collection of diverse, vibrant folks who, fundamentally and passionately, believe that deep community engagement begins with cultivating authentic relationships, and inspiring Black Joy. In addition to canvassing endeavors, EBV also intends to leverage podcast forums, town halls, social events as a way to recognize, then elevate differing Black narratives of those within Buncombe County. 

With national attention on Asheville as the first U.S. city to pass reparations in the South, we have a unique position to provide insight to understanding this bold remedy designed to reduce structural racism and inequities. This campaign will fill the gap in evidence regarding the process of change and the perceived and real impact of a reparations commission on systems, structures, and the lives of African Americans. Because our community-partnered work through the Every Black Voice Campaign will be real-time rather than retrospective, our engagement has the potential to advance community-driven solutions that come from the people most directly impacted by structural racism. 

Our hope for the Every Black Voice Campaign is for it to become bigger than Asheville and Buncombe County. We want it to transform into a vehicle for other communities around the state, and eventually the country, to mobilize and uplift Black Voices.

Every Black Voice Survey Items

Have you heard anything about Asheville’s reparations process? Yes No If so, what have you heard? Thinking about the reparations process, what is important for

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Resources in WNC

Community care resources to support us as we navigate uncaring systems


Keep this campaign going and support all the work we do within our community.